Every day we borrow resources from the planet. Through our philanthropy platform, #PANGAIAMissions, we bring you a range of ways to give back. We encourage any active involvement: either donating time, energy or contributing funds to pioneering individuals and organizations.

Our impact approach includes organisations and causes that care for the planet and its inhabitants, aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Tomorrow Tree Fund: 1 PANGAIA product purchased = 1 tree planted, protected or restored
The aim of the fund is to support grassroots NGOs around the world working on tree planting and conservation, with the goal to plant, protect and restore 1 million trees to help save our environment.

The Bees: saving the most important species on the planet

Bee The Change fund launched in partnership with Milkywire, supporting grassroots NGOs working to preserve and protect vulnerable and endangered bee species worldwide

Responding to global emergencies 
Ongoing COVID-19 relief, racial justice and gender equality work