Flowerdown has taken scientists 10 years to develop

T-shirts made from seaweed
in white, black and grey
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Track suit made from
recycled cotton mix
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Meet the artist—Raku Inoue

Meet collective member—Nadya Hutagalung

PANGAIA products are created together with technologically advanced laboratories and trusted European factories in Italy and Portugal. We also do our best to make products as sustainable as possible in all details: from sourcing, production and ready fabric to trims, labels, threads and zippers. Every PANGAIA product comes in biodegradable packaging, which will fully disappear in 24 weeks in a compost bin.

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Philanthropy is at
the heart of what we do

Through our philanthropy platform, PANGAIA missions, we give you a range of ways to give back. We encourage any active involvement: joining ocean beach clean-ups and plastic free challenges or contributing funds to pioneering individuals and organizations.

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For our first mission we organized Alamitos Beach, Long Beach clean-up together with 5Gyres, ComplexCon and Ryan’s Recycling.

Over 295 lbs of trash collected in total
Over 120 volunteers joined
Over 31 lbs of recyclables collected