Flower Down

FLWRDWN™ is a fully biodegradable material, created with natural​ wild flowers, a biopolymer and infused with aerogel for performance and durability. Our ​proprietary ​technology​ ​has taken our scientists​ ​10 years​ ​of in-​lab​ research and development. It is the ​warm​, ​breathable​, ​hypoallergenic​ and ​cruelty-free​ alternative to goose and duck down — kind to your skin, as well as your planet.
FLWRDWN™ is a registered PANGAIA patent.

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The natural wild flowers in FLWRDWN™ are unprocessed, they are simply harvested, mechanically cleaned, and dried. This method also doesn’t use any water.

The flower down technology has a patent covering the production method and unique combination of flower and biopolymer. It’s also the first time ever that an aerogel made of cellulose has been used in the process to increase thermal insulation properties.

Aerogel helps the microstructure to be water repellant and to increase thermal insulation. Aerogel is made of 85% recycled paper, is non-toxic, ultra-light and biodegradable.

As well as it being cruelty-free and sustainable, we love the fact that its plant-based, vegan and effective at doing the job we need - lightweight warmth. Light and warm, the wild flowers used have a down-like microstructure, without the bacterial issues of animal-derived filling.

Our puffer guarantees extraordinary thermal insulation properties while allowing optimal breathability, meaning you stay warm without getting overheated and sweaty.