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Introducing our PANGAIA Family campaign

A celebration of the importance of family bonds, love and support between people from all different walks of life. For us, the beauty of the modern family is that you get to choose who’s in yours.

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PANGAIA colors featured: Off-White, Flamingo Pink and Persimmon Orange.

What does family mean to us?

At PANGAIA, we believe family is what you make it. It’s the people that make you feel happy, loved, safe and, most importantly, where you feel like you belong. From the biological family you’re born into to the friends who become your family and the pets you invite in, we believe that family is for you to design. Whatever family looks like to you, you’re always welcome in ours.

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PANGAIA colors featured: Sand, Saffron Yellow and Jade Green.

Our values

PANGAIA’s core is about bringing people together. Our purpose to design a better future is only possible while honoring our values of connection, inclusivity and unity. To us, ‘connection’ means developing and fostering real relationships that bring you joy and happiness. ‘Inclusivity’ means making sure everyone feels well represented, seen, praised and ultimately, included. And ‘unity’ means coming together while still valuing what makes each of us unique.

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PANGAIA colors featured: Off-White and Flamingo Pink.

PANGAIA Family Shoot

We welcome everyone into our PANGAIA Family with a campaign celebrating how family can be different for everyone. We pulled together 5 groups of families: mothers, daughters, brothers, sisters, partners, and friends to communicate this important message—whoever you are, wherever you are, you’re always welcome in our family.

We spoke to our PANGAIA families and asked ‘what does family mean to you?’

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PANGAIA colors featured: Black, Flamingo Pink and Cobalt Blue.


"It is happiness spending time with the people you love."

"What unconditional love should be.
Feeling protected no matter what.
Being showered with love and covered with positivity."

"It’s a group of people who I love, they guide me, they protect me.
They follow me everywhere I go because they are responsible for molding me.
I am them, they are me."

"It is not necessarily people we share the same blood with.
It is the people who I can count on and who will always be there for me no matter the situation. People who love me, support me and elevate me every day."

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PANGAIA colors featured: Off-White and Persimmon Orange.


Hiroko and Family
"It is every second of our day filled with love."

Martine and Paulette
"It is a sanctuary of unconditional love, surrounded by people who want the best for you."

"To me family is not only blood but also love.
Relationships that you create during the course of your entire life.
Family is feeling at home with people you trust.
It is security and love. It is conflict but acceptance."

"Family is a soft cocoon that is helping us face the harsh reality of life."