Diversity & Inclusion Statement

We stand in solidarity against racism, police brutality and discrimination of any kind. 

We have been trying to understand how we can contribute to healing and support #BlackLivesMatter. Awareness must be converted into action. We have taken some time to educate ourselves - we understand that this might not sound like much, but we know that it's the right step towards true ally-ship.  

Publicly, we have donated to these six charities - Color Of Change, Black Lives Matter, ACLU, NAACP, Black Visions and Reclaim The Block and will continue to look at ways to financially support the movement. 

We have set up an internal Diversity and Inclusion Council, a cross-functional independent body represented across all levels of the organisation. The mission of the council is to help us implement plans and practices that effectively increase diversity, and provide tangible support to various individuals on the team, the wider community as well as relevant organisations.

We are also working with an external diversity and inclusion firm ‘The Other Box’ to create a training program on anti-racism and ally-ship, which all employees will experience and then be held accountable to. We have completed our first training session so far. 

We have expanded the scope of our impact approach to include organisations and causes that care for the planet and its inhabitants. Our focus has always been the environment, but we also remain agile to respond to globally relevant emergencies. We get involved where it impacts people and lives, as we stand for the future of humankind. Likewise, we are looking at ways to increase Black representation within the fields of sustainability and technology by offering a mentorship program for students.

As a young brand - our workforce is still pretty small. A large percentage of our team is currently freelance and contracted. Several different nationalities, religions and cultures are currently represented. That said, we should be more diverse. We are 100% committed to hiring a truly diverse workforce into all levels of the company moving forwards.

Our practice in ally-ship has just begun, and we will continue to share the work we are doing as we go.