Compostable Packaging FAQs

What is your packaging made from?
We use TIPA packaging for our shipping bags.

What is TIPA?
TIPA is a bio-based, plastic alternative which fully disappears within 24 weeks in your compost bin. It’s designed to offer a breakthrough ecological alternative to avoid the billion tons of surplus non-recyclable plastic consumed globally.

Is your packaging eco-friendly?
Our packaging is designed to be put into your home compost or industrial compost systems along food waste, offering a zero-waste solution that returns to nature after usage. Many countries around the world now provide industrial food waste compost collection but however you dispose of it, TIPA is a better ecological alternative to conventional plastic. It’s not the final solution, but this is best practice right now.

Will it decompose faster than the usual plastic?
Yes! Due to its bio-based technology it will decompose much faster than standard plastic, which takes centuries to decompose.

Do I put it in my regular waste bin or recycling?
The best place is a food waste recycling bin if you have one, or a garden compost bin. Failing that put it in your regular bin and it will decompose in landfill

Can I compost your packaging at home?
Yes, it will decompose in your garden compost bin or you can add it to your food waste recycling collection if you have that service.

What is the exact percent of bio-material in TIPA?
It is currently 30%. TIPA provides the best sustainable option for shipping bags at the moment. It’s not the final solution, but this is best practice right now.