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Flower Down Recycled Materials

Introducing ​FLWRDWN™:​ ​A fully biodegradable material, created with natural​ wild flowers and a biopolymer. It has been carefully infused with aerogel for performance and durability.

The wild flowers we source are from areas which contribute to habitat restoration, whilst helping to conserve a species of local butterflies. This kind of regenerative agriculture results in a reduction of greenhouse gas production (12 tons of CO2 per hectare of plant material). The method also helps to preserve groundwater, as it doesn’t require irrigation.

Not only are FLWRDWN™ jackets warm​, ​breathable​ and ​hypoallergenic​ but they are also a ​cruelty-free​ alternative to goose and duck down. So, ​flowers​ can keep you warm, and animals can keep their feathers.

And now, you have a choice.

image with artdirection
image with artdirection