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It’s World Bee Day. Are you buzzing?

The buzz about bees is real. Our survival depends on them. That’s why May 20th has been declared as World Bee Day, a day to celebrate these important pollinators and all the work they do.

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Krispee joins our hive

To help spread the word, we’ve teamed up with Krispee to raise awareness about the threats bees face and what we can do to support them.

If you didn’t know that what kind of food we have to eat, and how much, depends on our little furry friends, our Krispee characters are here with all the facts and ways that you can help bees not only survive, but thrive.

One year of #BeeTheChange

Time flies when you’re doing good. We launched the Bee The Change fund, powered by Milkywire, a year ago to help protect and preserve bees and their habitats across the world.

In that time, we’ve supported five incredible grassroots NGOs working in bee conservation in the UK, Kenya and Sweden. Our impacters have been such busy bees they’ve helped local beekeepers in Northern Kenya to reduce forest fires in the area by 50% and mapped B-Lines, a network of insect-friendly pathways, across the entire UK. Join Bee The Change, powered by Milkywire, to help protect and preserve the bees.

To support the conservationists working to protect and preserve the bees around the globe, you can now add a donation to a range of initiatives when making a purchase.

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About Milkywire

Milkywire is a digital platform that lets you support grassroots NGOs working to fight extinction, save oceans, clean the planet, protect and restore forests and more. You can support local projects directly and see proof of impact on the app.

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