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The Tomorrow Tree Fund


Introducing the Tomorrow Tree Fund: A commitment to plant, protect and restore 1 million trees to help save our environment.

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Trees are vital to us and our planet.

We depend on them for the air we breathe. They remove carbon from the atmosphere and store it. Reducing carbon is crucial in order to mitigate the effects of climate change. After oceans, forests are the largest storehouses of carbon in the world. Trees and plants are a natural solution to the climate crisis.

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About the Tomorrow Tree Fund, powered by Milkywire

The aim of the fund is to support grassroots NGOs around the world working on tree planting and conservation, with the goal to plant, protect and restore 1 million trees to help save our environment. This will be done through collaborative partnerships with several organizations around the world, working to protect existing trees and plant new ones both on land and within vital coastal ecosystems.

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Plant, Protect, Restore

For each PANGAIA product purchased, part of the proceeds will be donated to the Tomorrow Tree Fund. The fund is currently supporting a few organizations – more of them will be onboarded over the next few months, with the aim to amplify the impact of the fund on a global scale while supporting local communities in vulnerable areas.

1 PANGAIA product purchased = 1 tree planted, protected or restored.

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Organizations we’re supporting through the Tomorrow Tree Fund:


PANGAIA’s very first tree-planting partner. SeaTrees are dedicated to restoring coastal ecosystems by planting and preserving mangrove trees. Research shows that 1 mangrove tree can store up to 1 ton of CO2 over its lifetime.


FoProBiM work with the restoration and conservation of mangrove forests throughout Haiti. These critical habitats are essential for the protection of coastal communities from the impacts of storms. They also 
provide training to local communities in activities such as apiculture and eco-tourism.

HAkA – Forest, Nature and Environment of Aceh

HAkA founder Farwiza Farhan is an award-winning Forest Conservationist taking the fight against illegal palm oil plantations and unsustainable exploitation of the unique Indonesian rainforest and its wildlife.

The Society for Preservation of Muriqui

The Society for Preservation of Muriqui plants trees in the Brazilian Atlantic rainforest between non-connected forest areas to expand the habitat of the muriquis (the largest primate of the Americas) and protect its unparalleled biodiversity. This area is considered to be among the top five “hottest” hotspots for biodiversity in the world.

Arbio Peru

Arbio Peru collects data on Shihuahuaco trees at risk of logging and on the extensive wildlife found in the region. They also maintain a permanent presence of rangers to protect the trees from illegal logging and head community outreach programs to promote important Amazon conservation work.

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