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Botanical Dyes 2.0

We have expanded our bestselling Botanical Dye collection with 5 new, bright but natural colors. The collection consists of 5 shades: Rubia® Mauve, Rubia® Red, Nimbus® Pink, Nimbus® Purple and Leafy Green.

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The Botanical Dyes

Botanical Dyes extracted from nature are much safer for the environment, as they reduce the amount of harsh chemicals and colorants that would otherwise enter into the planet’s water streams.

For these new colors, we used natural dyes derived from food waste, plants, fruits and vegetables to achieve the richly hued tones of the fabrics. Each one originates from Mother Nature...

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PANGAIA Rubia® Mauve & Red Botanical Dye

Is extracted from the Indian Madder plant root (also known as Rubia cordifolia). Rubia Cordifolia has heart-shaped leaves, giving it the Latin suffix “cordifolia” and highlighting its affinity to the heart and circulatory system. It has also been used since ancient times in Ayurvedic medicine.

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PANGAIA Nimbus® Pink & Purple Botanical Dye

Is a by-product from the beauty industry, extracted through the processing of Kerria Lacca. This dye provides Red and Violet colors but can also change depending on the pretreatment auxiliary dyeing process.

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PANGAIA Leafy Green Botanical Dye

Is extracted from the leaves of a Mulberry Tree (also known as Morus Alba). Leafy Green dye is highly compatible with the environment, biodegradable and provides an astonishingly vibrant color.

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The Botanical colors are sustainably derived, renewable, biodegradable, and non-toxic. We used a low-water garment dyeing method, so the resulting wastewater is also non-toxic. The use of natural dyes obtained from renewable resources like plants, fruits and vegetables avoid the use of petrochemicals and synthetic, chemical dyes and as a result, preserve the all-endangered environment for future generations.

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Our T-shirts are made from a combination of saltwater seaweed fiber and organic cotton. They are treated with natural peppermint oil to keep them fresher for longer, helping to reduce water waste by up to 3000 liters over its lifetime. *compared to a regular t-shirt.

Where most other brands use around 10-30% recycled cotton, our Hoodies and Track Pants use a higher 45%, mixed with 55% organic cotton. This is one of the highest grades of recycled cotton currently available on the market. We also chose organic cotton where most companies still use recycled polyester — a critical pollutant due to microplastics.

Designing a better future, together with you.

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