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The PANGAIA Sneaker

What if your next pair of leather sneakers were actually made from grapes? Meet the PANGAIA Sneaker, made from industry waste. Ultra-comfortable, lightweight and breathable. Available for both men and women. 

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The Problem?

Each year, the global wine industry produces 26 billion liters of wine. Usually, this produces 6.5 billion liters of waste. But - it could produce 2.6 billion square meters of grape leather, just by using stalks, skins and seeds.

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The Solution

Introducing the PANGAIA Sneaker. A minimalist, zero-waste Grape Leather Sneaker with our classic text print. Made from grape leather repurposed from the Italian wine industry’s waste, and a recycled rubber sole created from industrial waste (samples, prototypes, rejected products), avoiding virgin resources. The stitching of the sole and high quality materials also promise this sneaker a long life.

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The Sneaker

It is ultra-comfortable, lightweight and breathable. Responsibly produced in Italy, using minimal water and vegetable tanning alternatives. Available in White and Black with a white sole and from sizes EUR 36-45.

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Sneaker Structure

The PANGAIA Sneaker was made in an orthopedic center, taking into account all the natural features and qualities our feet move. The structure of the PANGAIA Sneaker is ultra comfortable, thanks to this orthopedic design with increased support of the inner arch of the foot. It is lightweight and breathable, making it comfortable to wear in any weather—whether you’re walking or jogging.

Strobel Construction

Used in most athletic shoes, a Strobel shoe construction requires the upper material to be sewn to a fabric bottom creating a ‘sock’. The upper and bottom are joined by a strobel stitch, using a strobel machine. With the upper sock tightly lasted, the upper is cemented to the outsole completing the shoe.


Plant-based Grape Leather
Created from the Italian wine industry’s waste: grape marc (composed by grape skins, stalks and seeds discarded during wine production)

Recycled rubber sole
Created from industrial waste such as: samples, prototypes, burrs and products that do not meet the high-quality standards.

Bio-based water glue

Natural cotton laces
With 100% recycled plastic at the end.

Handmade by a local family factory in Italy