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7 Pop Color Collection

In honor of our PANGAIA logo, we have launched the classic T-shirts, Hoodies & Track Pants from our Core Collection — only, revived in the 7 brand colors. Cobalt blue, Saffron yellow, Flamingo pink, Persimmon orange, Celestial blue, Orchid purple and Jade green. The 7 Pop Color collection is your everyday basics uniform, only brighter.

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These selected colors have all found their inspiration in nature and the many symmetries found within it. From the 7 colors of the rainbow, to Earth’s 7 continents, to the 7 seas that unite millions of cultures, people and Earth’s wonderful creatures — 7 is a symbol of unity. And, through this range of products, we aim to encapsulate the brightness that you might forget is within and all around you.

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Our logo is comprised of seven circles, arranged to form the letter P. If we look back 250 million years ago, the landmasses of Earth were clustered into one singular continent, called Pangaea. As the present-day continents slowly converge over the next 250 million years, the process repeats, forming another supercontinent: Pangaea Ultima*. We look to this for inspiration, hoping to unite people in an increasingly divided world.

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Where most other brands use around 10-30% recycled cotton, our hoodies and track pants use a higher 45%, mixed with 55% organic cotton. This is one of the highest grades of recycled cotton currently available on the market. We also chose organic cotton where most companies still use recycled polyester — a critical pollutant due to microplastics.

This collection was created using a dyeing process with low water consumption and treatment of textile effluents, aiming to reuse water.
This is a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly process which reduces the toxic impact on effluent generation.

Think of these Color Pop t-shirts, hoodies and track pants as your comfort uniform — not just colorful and bright, but also better for the future of your planet.

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